Tea Time With Lola Mommy

Hello Friends

Welcome to Tea Time With Lola Mommy. Life isn't perfect. But we only have one chance to enjoy it. I invite you to spend some time with me as I share my experiences as a first-time author, out of shape ballet dancer, proud mil spouse to my Spicy Love and sleep-deprived mother of four Blindian offspring.  Bring your coffee, tea or wine because this is our time for a good ol' fashion "what's going on with you?".  

The blog categories are named after teas that I love, but actually happen to suit different areas in my life...

Masala Chai and Sweet Tea: Shenanigans with my Blindian children, and Spicy Love.

Green Tea: Family & Friends who I would like to introduce to you that have made an impact on my life.

Sugar Plum Fairy: Anything involving my first!

Detox: Anything involving things that I've found that has helped my overall wellbeing.

Country Peach Passion: Anything random that comes to mind, because that's me...Ms.Random Southern Belle!

So go ahead and grab your favorite cup from down below and in your kitchen and let's talk. 


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