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The Never Ending Story


Here you go! My Home page photo is pretty nice, huh? I could almost be an in-studio Instagram model wannabe with that picture...

This one here, however, is my real-life, trying to take cute pics in the bathroom with my 1.5-month-old, while wearing an Indian outfit in the same go-to hairstyle that I've had for the last 20 years, only to have my mental plans diverted because of life already having its own plans with me and it includes an audience that I have never met always laughing at the shenanigans thrown my way. I mean if there wasn't an audience what's the point in the shenanigans...

I know this section should list why I truly feel that I am an authoritative figure on certain things and experiences...

But I wanted to show you the raw side of me, thus the reason for this picture. Just throw in there three more children, a dog that I'm allergic to, a born and raised Bangalore, Indian husband who happens to be active duty in the U.S.military, a book that I have written in secret for the last two years, a dance studio that I am currently building after a five year hiatus from the world of dance due to a car accident and let's add the fact that I still can't fold a perfectly folded sheet no matter how many youtube videos I have watched. I think the folded sheet fact would fit nicely in the upper right-hand corner of the picture.

So after knowing this can you sit with me with your cup of tea or glass of wine? I know you need someone who can understand some of the things that life throws at you. So let's sit and relax with one another between the cartoons and the "did you wash my uniform's", and remind ourselves that we still have our own identity in the midst of it all.

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