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(Part 2) Meet The Illustrating Guillaume Brothers

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Corey Guillaume, age 14

LoLa Mommy: "Ok guys, first question: What did you think when you saw the drawing challenge that I presented to you?"

Corey: "I thought it was pretty good. It was, yeah I got this."

Kerby: "I thought it was going to be like a little challenge because I thought I was doing it straight from scratch, but once you showed me like the layout I was like 'alright, this is going to be easy'."

LM: " Do you guys like to be given artistic challenges or do you like to have freedom over your choices?"

K: "I like to have artistic challenges because it feels...for example like I get a challenge right, and once I get it I figure out that I have an ability that I didn't know that I had until the challenge was brought to me. So pretty much I like them because they push me to open my skills more.

C: "I love challenges because I get to see different stuff. Like things that I didn't know that I could do before. Pretty much exactly what Kerby said. I get to see what else I can do.

LM: "So for me it's acrylics, but I was wondering with you guys what is your favorite artistic medium to use?"

K: "I really don't go with anything too crazy. I could pretty much do anything with just a pen and paper. Like I'll just use a pencil to sketch it out and then use a pen over it just to bring it out more."

C: "I like using different stuff. I love using charcoal, and sometimes I'll use it to make my shadows or something. So I guess you can say that I like going extra with it."

K: "I'll use charcoal sometimes when I really want to bring out more detail."

LM: "So we all have different things that we love and are passionate about, but when did you guys first think 'Hey, I'm actually pretty good'?"

C: "I used to watch a lot of cartoons, and then when I tried drawing them I was like, 'Oh, I can draw!'"

K: "Yeah basically what he said. When we were little we would watch cartoons, and while watching I would think about how they were drawing people that didn't look like actual people. And because of that I became curious with how cartoonists saw the world. Once I realized that I could do it too it was like 'oh, I'm doing something'".

Kerby Guillaume, age 16

LM: So of course I have to know...what were your cartoon influences?

K: "The type of cartoons that I watched were like the old ones like: 'Rugrats', 'Fairy Oddparents', anything that was on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network...the old ones."

C: "Animation like Anime shows like 'Dragonball Z'."

LM: It's funny because I can see your cartoon influences in your work. So next question, what is the hardest part when it comes to creating? Like is the hard part starting it?

K: "I feel like the hard part is starting. Because when you start you just have a blank sheet of paper in front of you, and you need to make sure that what you have in your head isn't too big for the paper. So to me what makes it hard is just starting and seeing what you're working with and to not be afraid of trial and error. But once you get started you see that everything is coming together.

C: "For me it's the ending, because I can easily start but having to end it is hard because I'm always trying to find something to edit. So it's hard for me to know if it's done."

LM: How do you know when you're work is finished though?

C: "It's when I look at it and I don't see anything else to edit lol."

K: "For me it's pretty much...for example right, say if someone is building something they have a blueprint. So they already have an idea of what it's supposed to look like. Well, for me I already have a blueprint in my head of what I want my artwork to look like. So I know that I'm done because it matches the blueprint in my head.

LM: What do you hope to do through your artwork?

K: "Definitely to amaze and inspire. I hope to have my artwork up in museums and have people inspire by them like how I was with cartoons."

C: "Yes, I hope to inspire and to bring something out of people."

LM: Are you guys ok with the solitude that most artists put themselves in so that they can create?

K: "I feel like a break is very important with whatever you are doing and not just in art because everything you do should be done in fun. So if you don't take that break I feel like you could just be overwhelming yourself and now you are not going to put as much effort into it. Obviously if there is a deadline then I can buckle down and do it...also, don't use the need for a break to procrastinate.

C: "I feel like a break is a time to give you new ideas. To find things to inspire you.

LM: Anything else that you guys would like for everyone to know?

K: "I feel like you've touched on everything."

C: "Other things? I like playing basketball."

That he does as I see them both out front playing the game every chance they get with my boys. You might've noticed how Kerby had the most to say but that's part of what surprised me about this interview because he is so quiet. Now I realize that it's because he is constantly in a deep train of thought.

And even with four kids that I am always trying to find the good in even after they drive me into the Netflix arms of a Korean drama, I can say from the bottom of my heart that Corey is one of the most sweetest kids you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Stay tuned for more artwork from them on this site, but most importantly if you are looking for two artists or would just like to offer encouragement, just let me know and I'll go next door to tell them lol.

Guillaume Brothers and their artistic interpretations of us Naik's.

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